Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lexi's Birthday

It was Birthday week at our house and time is flying by! My little girl is now seven. She loves playing her favorite songs and dancing around the house, American Girl Dolls, and playing with friends. If you know Lexi you know she spends half her time upside down. She is our little gymnast.
Lexi requested a craft night and late-over for her Birthday.
All the girls came ready to party in their favorite PJs and Lexi kicked it off with a dance party.
Then it quickly turned into chasing Peyton around the house. Girls will be girls!
We set up a few different crafting stations and Lance was a pro at helping the girls design their bracelets.
They each decorated a personalized t-shirt.
Painted an Easter Craft arranged by Peyton
Then decorated their treat bag to take home their creations. It was a fun night with lots of cute girls!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Mindy, how are you? We wanted to have a picnic, park get together with all those that can from the old neighborhood. We are wondering about July 11th at 11 am at Adam's park. What works for you? Call me or email me , I would love to catch up! Jen Jorgensen Madsen